What We Do

Galena's revolutionary style of Reiki and Mental Health promotes natural self-care and healing! Galena provides holistic education throughout the community emphasizing  self-care and awareness of our electromagnetic body.  We focus on helping the individual find inner peace from within through health and alignment!

Reiki Session

Galena practitioners offer sessions that last 30 minutes to 90 minutes or more.  Contact us for further information and pricing.

Hardin County Mobile Community Crisis Service

HC Mobile Community Crisis Services provide counseling that meet and help people where they are in the environment. 


• Provide community -based crisis services; assessment, or life-skills support;

• Work hand-in-hand with local crisis agencies to ensure a seamless response; and

• Recommend an individual has a follow-up appointment with their preferred provider;

• Services are based on location and availability.


Reiki CommUNITY Clinic

Our CommUNITY Reiki Clinic provides an opportunity for members of the community to experience the benefits of a Reiki session at a low cost in a warm, comfortable, and professional setting.  CommUNITY Reiki Clinics are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month. 

Training Woman

Reiki Training and Certification

Galena offer Reiki training and workshops to people who want to learn the technique. These are very active and hands on courses.

Reiki for Veterans

Galena host groups specific to Veterans to learn about the benefit of Reiki. REIKI for VETS provides  Reiki treatments to Kentucky-area Veterans, particularly those with PTSD, pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia or other sleep issues, and decrease feelings of overall well-being.  

Request a Reiki Speaker

Galena Practitioner's are available to serve as guest speaker and trainers for local events. 

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