GALENA Natural Mint

Mint oil has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic properties. This powerful combo makes it the perfect oil for soothing muscle aches and pains. It also works well to get rid of painful muscle spasms, muscle pain and joint pain, headaches, psoriasis and eczema, rashes, sunburn, and more.

Galena Natural Mint

Reiki Packages

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Healing Maintenance Packages


Per Month for up to 12 Months

Best Package Offer

1 hr session

1x / month for 3 months  $300

1x / month for 6 months $510

1x / month for 12 months $840


Going Deeper Packages


Per Month up to 12 Months

Best for General Upkeep

1 hr session

2x / month for 3 months $600

2x / month for 6 months $1020

2x / month for 12 months $1680


Healing the Root Cause Packages


Per Week up to 52 weeks

Best for Busy Homes

1 hr session

1x / week for 3 months $1200

1x / week for 6 months $2040

1x / week for 12 months $3640