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FREE Reiki Clinic for Veterans

Since 2018 Galen has provided Reiki sessions to  Veterans.!.

REIKI for VETS provides Reiki sessions to Kentucky-area Veterans, particularly those with PTSD, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. Galena also host sessions specific to Veterans to learn about the benefits of Reiki.

Dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support to VA enrolled disabled veterans.

GALENA helps  veterans achieve and sustain optimal health by providing Reiki clinics to veterans,  alleviating stress and promoting relaxation, we endeavor to bring the client’s body back into a state of balance, creating the ideal conditions for healing.

Our purpose is to give back to our nation’s heroes who selflessly sacrificed their own health and well being in service to our country.

The clinic is run EVERY Wednesday by appointment only

Reiki practice eases veterans’ overwhelm

The benefits the veterans experienced — being able to sleep, feeling less anxious and overwhelmed, the gentle shift in perspective — are actually simple, yet profound spiritual benefits. 

Reiki for Vets

Healing Sessions with Dr. Gail  include Reiki and aromatherapy to assist in relaxing the body and mind and gently releasing emotions stored in the body. Every session is customized for you and your needs. Dr. Gail uses her intuition and empathy to create a safe, comfortable, and loving space to allow for healing and release. The goal of the session is to help release energetic blockages and allow for a healthy energy flow creating an internal environment for self healing.

Going through traumatic events in our lives can create storage of these difficulties in our mind and body causing emotional and physical ailments. These can often go under the radar of awareness in the connection of our trauma and our chronic physical pain, emotional exhaustion, and feeling stuck in patterns. Take some time for you and allow your body to support your healing.

*Clients remain fully clothed during sessions.