Gail M. Phoenix, PhD, Reiki Master

For those curious about Reiki, whether you have never heard of it or have studied and practiced for years, find out more about this fascinating and life altering experience and how it can be utilized to gain clarity and control in your own life. Reiki is a specific band or frequency of energy for healing and self-healing (to make whole) anything, whether animate or inanimate.

  • Galena Reiki

Galena Reiki was discovered in 2018 by Dr. Gail Phoenix, during this time, Dr. Gail a retired Army Veteran was experiencing job difficulties, stress and depression. Dr. Gail affirms all healing is self-healing.  "Your body possesses the mechanism to heal itself, so all anyone else can do whether that person is a doctor, nurse, a complementary therapist or a Reiki practitioner --is to kick-start that natural process in some way, whether by conventional or alternative means." Galena combines Reiki healing and mental awareness to hep reduce stress, anxiety, depression as well as relief of chronic pain. Galena promotes a holistic, organic reality in which to heal. The healing practice is based on the idea that “energy” can be transferred through no touch or light touch; thereby jump starting the mental, emotional,  environmental and physical process.