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I specialize in alternative therapies like Reiki. I combine traditional psychotherapy with energetic techniques to promote healing and release blocks mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s my goal to help people find inner peace, relaxation, and balance so that they may continue to grow and move forward in their lives. My clients will obtain new skills in managing their issues and healing themselves mind, body, and spirit. “We already have the power inside all of us to heal ourselves; sometimes we just need a guide to seek it out!”

Have you tried counseling, but are still having issues?

Have you taken or are taking medications, but still not experiencing any relief from symptoms?

Do you feel sad or “down in the dumps” often?

Do you have a habit you can’t seem to break no matter what you try?

Do you have feeling of overwhelm and stress? Racing thoughts you can’t seem to shut off?

Do you dwell upon past events?

Have you tried to diet or exercise to lose weight, but just cannot seem to stick with it?

Have you experienced emotional and/or physical traumas that are still haunting you?

Do you have Nagging aches and pains that haven’t been relieved with traditional treatments?

Do you own a pet with any of these issues listed above?

Feel like you don’t know who you are?

I can help you find the relief you are looking for to move past these limitations and issues.

I can assist you in releasing old patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and even eating! A balance of the mind, body and spirit is required for total health and wellness! Each of these three areas of a person must be addressed in unison, for ultimate success!

Get the results you have been striving for faster than you have been experiencing.

Let me help guide the way.

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Gail Phoenix, PhD, Certified Reiki Master

Can you blame me for being optimistic?

I'd been teaching Reiki techniques professionally for over three years... I'd taught many students to heal themselves and others...

My name is Gail Phoenix, and I'm a fully certified Reiki Master. 

If you want to heal yourself and others... Reiki may be able to make that dream a Reality. 

With Galena Reiki, you may...

Remember, with Reiki, you could grow and benefit in subtle ways that you probably are not anticipating. Your mind, spirit, awareness and consciousness may expand and reach heights which would surprise and delight you.

Reiki may transform and bring about positive change in your life. Healing emotional and physical issues are the obvious possibilities...      But there's much much more.

• See your life purpose... Maybe for the first time!

• Feel the joy and peace of healing others

• Banish the stresses of life!

• Balance yourself physically and spiritually 

• Address energetic root causes of your own physical and emotional problems

Why Reiki?

The beauty of the method is its simplicity, its ease of access. Yet its ability to deliver a power and depth of healing that’s usually associated with more complicated methods and longer time frames. 

Should I have a session or take a class?

The answer to that question is, I believe, your answer to the following two questions. What inspires you? What resonates to you?

If you are a DIYer jump right into a class! 

Others prefer to get to a healing goal first through professionally facilitated sessions.

My general recommendation is to have a session first. This familiarizes you with the Center and the experience of receiving Reiki from an experienced practitioner. This may also help to evaluate how comfortable you feel with the energy of modality, the Center and the teacher.

All who take regular sessions are strongly encouraged to take a class. It’s part of our empowerment initiative. The more you know the technology behind Reiki, the more you are apt to use it and make it part of your life. And it serves to state here again "that in order to maintain results, as with every other activity we’d like to gain mastery and success in, daily practice is recommended".

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